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The Average Guys Podcast

Aug 3, 2018

On this week's episode, the guys talk about the phenomenon that is Q and the QAnon. This leads them into other conspiracy territory to include what would happen if our fiat currency collapses, and what role Russia might play on the world stage in the future.

Jul 20, 2018

On this week's episode, the guys talk about Dan's recent vacation to Martha's Vineyard, and some of the things that the vacation destination is known for. Noah joins the conversation mid-way, and incidentally owes Howard a 6-pack of Midway after a discussion about Jessica Jones. The guys also make an announcement about...

Jul 13, 2018

Just a quick update about a change coming to The Average Guys this week!

Jul 6, 2018

Mindy joins Howard and Dan for this week's episode where they discuss her trip to Africa. Where she encountered a genuine one-upper or as she called her "Backstage Passer". Despite Howard's best efforts to talk about what Marvel characters should be in the MCU, the conversation devolves into why the Greatest...

Jun 29, 2018

The guys talk about the history of 4th of July and play fun little trivia game. The conversation takes a bit of serious turn as they discuss some issues of the day.

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