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The Average Guys Podcast

May 25, 2018

The guys have their first live episode recording with an actual audience at Hagan O'Reilly's. The show consists of interviews with the audience, more Goose Island beer talk with Brian Hart, and a trivia game where the audience get's to do the nerf shooting. A huge thank you to Hagan O'Reilly's for having us out to record.

May 18, 2018

In this weeks episode, Dan, Howard, and Mindy commiserate over bad dad jokes. We get into a discussion about some child stars and where are they now. Then we have a running commentary for We Are The World, which leads into a discussion about music and some other life lessons.

May 11, 2018

The guys welcome Eric Gutierrez from the West Orange Times Observer to the F-Shack for his first time on the show. Noah makes a somewhat triumphant return. Fresh off the painful experience of Marvel's Infinity Wars, the guys discuss the movie and it's implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Howard is right...

May 4, 2018

Dan and Howard reminisce about the good old days and the good old toys. Click the link below to follow along as they discuss entertainment from days past. Then, inevitably, the discussion turns to Marvel's Infinity War and the guys are very careful not to give away any spoilers. However, next week will be a...